Wavefront Technology, and its Applications

Wavefront Technology Inc was formed to offer specialist tooling services to the Holographic industry from where it was only a short step to specialist UV embossing and the development of Fresnel embossed films.

Fresnel lenses were originally developed by French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel [1788–1827] for use in lighthouses to focus a small wattage bulb and project light over great distances without the need for extremely thick and impractical solid glass lenses, and by using a series of angled facets this was made possible.

La Mia Perla Print Packaging Application

An iconic, indulgent Italian brand, La Perla constantly reimagine the changing world around them and in 2017 under the guidance of Master Perfumer Honorine, created a new fragrance to encapsulate the values and sensuality of the brand.


“Exuding beauty and femininity, La Mia Perla is the embodiment of a pearl both
in shape and presence and is designed to be worn as a personal emblem.
Just as the lustre of a pearl evokes power and intrigue, La Mia Perla tells
the story of a woman who finds her own sensuality as it emerges to the
surface from within.”


Echoing the precious pearl that is at the heart of the brand they sought out packaging that would support and connect the outer carton with the bottle within and, with our support through creative development and in technical production, have launched a carton that is as recognisable and distinct as the brand.



Marlboro Packaging Print Application

Philip Morris International has used Fresnel lenses to promote their premium brands since 2011 and in that time, have evolved from the use of simple, small ball lenses to large, deep lenses that cover the entire carton face.

When the Marlboro brand, famed for the male-dominated imagery of their Marlboro Red cowboy advertisements, wanted to reach out to female consumers they developed new products with a different taste, more elegant, slimmer appearance and inevitably, new packaging.

The cartons are slimmer, perhaps more elegant and PMI needed packaging that would reflect these features and appeal to the more discerning, female target audience – using a large lens to appeal would be too obvious, too gaudy and a gentler touch was required.

Retaining the Fresnel lens that is central to the Marlboro brand identity, the graphics rely heavily on the use of opaque white ink to mask off almost half of the front carton face creating a muted, more subtle effect. This is supported by the use of a little matting agent in the attractive pale blue transparent ink that tints the lens and gives the carton its distinctive and uncharacteristic pastel shade.

Holding the inks back from the Marlboro text and subsequently embossing the lettering introduces a further play of the light as it is reflected from the shoulders of the embossed letters in a way that is only possible with a laminated substrate.

Finally, the Marlboro lettering on the base of the carton and the Marlboro chevron was designed to make the most of the branding opportunity of a carton lying horizontally on a table, reflecting the light and creating some movement even in such a small, visible area.

It is a matter of opinion and subjectivity but I believe this carton is equal to many high-end cosmetic packages in the care, thought, and execution of the packing.

Taittinger Packaging Print Application

The Taittinger team set out to create a carton board sleeve that would enhance the existing rigid presentation box used for their 100% Chardonnay cuvée wine. The challenge was to make a link to the brands current “bubble” identity used across their more standard range whilst enhancing the prestige appearance of the pack.

The graphics were kept simple and combine small Fresnel lenses to simulate the rising bubbles, for which champagne is famous, set into an embossed, achromatic background. The brand owner preferred the softer, matt metallic background over a hard, bright mirror effect as it contrasts nicely with the reflective lenses and silver text whilst its resistance to finger marking gives a superior appearance after handling. Branding is supported through the use of a “pointed lens” in the Teobaldi seal, centred around the horses’ eye, to create movement and depth on the shelf whilst the lettering “Comtes de Champagne” was tooled by hand using a directional grating [a film that reflects light in one direction only] to give the impression of a chiselled, 3D / embossed effect. The carton was finished with a single colour gold wash with additional brand reinforcement through the use of hot foil stamping of the Taittinger name on the sides of the carton.

An area of the laminated sheet which would normally be cut to waste was put to good use and was die cut separately, hot foil stamped and used for the cover of the tasting notes which are included within the inner carton. This helps to reinforce the brand message after the sleeve has been removed and the carton opened, reminding the consumer of the heritage and provenance of the champagne they are about to enjoy.

The brand were extremely pleased with the finished carton and subsequently, by changing the colour of the ink wash from gold to pink, extended the design to encompass their premier Rose champagne.

Estee Lauder Print Application

Skincare has become a focus for all major cosmetic brands and discerning consumers are prepared to invest in creams and serums which offer to maintain and improve their skin condition. Market leader Estee Lauder have introduced a new, premium range of products under the R-Nutriv brand and needed outer packing to reflect the quality and values of the product inside.

“An innovative fusion of anti-aging serum and moisturiser, infused with over 50 ingredients including precious Black Tourmaline gems, South Sea pearls, refined 24K gold and multi-patented Contour Lifting Technologies..”

Using a registered Fresnel lens to the face of the carton the pack removes the requirement for labeling and the clever use of a heavy, opaque varnish produces a subtle shimmer and movement

Moet & Chandon

After success in Christmas 2016 with their first venture into Fresnel enhanced packaging, leading Champagne brand Moet & Chandon asked Wavefront to develop a pattern that would create maximum shelf stand out in duty-free for Christmas 2017. The result was a radial effect combining several patterns that gives both movement and brilliance to the finished carton.

Martino by Martino CARTIER

“MARTINO by Martino Cartier’s proprietary elixir Jewels of the Nile delivers the ancient benefits of Myrrh, Papyrus Milk, Blue Nile Honey and Rose Attar into expertly crafted modern day formulas infused with biotin and caffeine to promote healthy and vibrant hair.”

Mr Cartier has used some rare and exotic ingredients to create this range of special, highly prized hair treatments and in looking for an appropriate finish and decorative technique for the tube that does justice to the content within, has chosen Wavefront to provide the visual appeal.

The use of gold and black inks only enhances further the perception of quality and luxury delivered by this brand and reminds the consumer at every use, why they bought this premium product.

This tube marks a breakthrough in in-mould labeling and indicates just how versatile and adaptable Wavefront Fresnel films really are whilst demonstrating the potential for continuous designs when used in the right application.